Month: June 2021

Panel of legal experts, co-chaired by Philippe Sands QC, draw up definition of ‘ecocide’ as an international crime

A group of legal experts from across the globe have worked over the last 6 months to draft a definition of the offence of ‘ecocide’, for incorporation into the Rome Statute. The proposed law builds on the existing crime of severe environmental damage during armed conflict, but would allow the International Criminal Court (‘ICC’) to prosecute those very […]

Strasbourg finds breach of Article 8 and 13 ECHR in connection with unfair treatment by a judge of a professional witness

Strasbourg has today handed down judgment in SW v United Kingdom, a case brought by a social worker in relation to accusations of professional misconduct made by a family court judge after she gave evidence as a witness in Care Act proceedings. Without giving the Appellant any advance notice of his criticisms or an opportunity […]

Court of Arches finds refusal of Irish-only inscription on Coventry family’s gravestone was discriminatory

The Court of Arches, the highest ecclesiastical court in Britain, has handed down its judgment in the appeal against a decision by Chancellor Stephen Eyre QC to refuse permission for a phrase to be inscribed in Irish, without an English translation, on the headstone of an Irish mother, buried in Coventry. The Chancellor had determined that the […]