Month: October 2020

The Matrix Law Pod Series 2 Episode 2: RBG To ACB with David Cole

Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify and Acast.  The US presidential election is fast approaching and the result could have wide-reaching consequences, not only for the citizens of the US but for all of us.  Topics relating to the future of climate change action, the international legal order, the promotion of international human rights, press freedom and indeed the future […]

Case Law: R v Nigel Wright: No anonymity for corporate victims in blackmail cases – Aidan Wills

In August 2020 Nigel Wright was convicted of blackmail and contaminating food in Tesco stores. He was subsequently sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment. Wright blackmailed Tesco by demanding the payment of bitcoin to the value of approximately £1.4m, failing which he would refuse to identify in which stores he’d placed contaminated baby food and/or would place further contaminated food. […]

Webinar: Immigration and Trafficking

Date: Thursday 1st October 2020 Topics for discussion included: Trafficking victims in immigration limbo – policy challenges since JP and BS Amendments to the EU annex to address the Good Friday agreement and Northern Ireland Schedule 10 accommodation and unlawful detention – implications of Humnyntskyi v SSHD This webinar is made available for general information purposes […]