Month: June 2020

The Matrix Law Pod Episode 10: Past, Present, Future – Transitional Justice for Turbulent Times – a discussion with Paul Van Zyl

Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify and Acast.  This week’s podcast explores some of the wider themes exemplified by the Black Lives Matter protest through the lens of transitional justice. Transitional justice is a phrase used to describe how societies once torn apart by conflicts of many sorts, can deal with past legacies and move forward, whether […]

Judicial Review in Criminal Proceedings: Part 2 by Anita Davies

In part 2 of this post on judicial review in criminal proceedings I will be looking at when judicial review is used to challenge decisions of the court. In part 1 I noted that in terms of challenging decisions to prosecute and investigate, the theme of the case law was that criminal proceedings should stay […]

Judicial Review in Criminal Proceedings: Part 1 by Anita Davies

Back in April I wrote a piece on the CCRC, and noted that in the face of a CCRC refusal, the only remedy is judicial review. In this two-part post I will be looking at the role of judicial review more widely in criminal proceedings, and some of the specific challenges that arise when public […]