Month: March 2020

Russian Federation extradition requests refused

The High Court has refused the Russian Federation permission to appeal the decision of the Chief Magistrate that there is no effective independent monitoring of Russian prisons, which resulted in the discharge of four individuals facing extradition. The Senior District Judge found that there was a real risk of violating the individual’s rights under Article 3 […]

Chris Packham commences legal challenge to halt HS2 construction

Broadcaster Chris Packham is seeking an urgent injunction to immediately stop environmental damage ahead of his challenge to the legality of the Government’s decision to proceed with High Speed 2 (HS2). The interim injunction sought by Packham would halt all construction and clearance of woods causing the irreversible loss of ancient woodlands and disturbance of […]

Court of Appeal to hear SEND funding challenge from families

The Court of Appeal will today hear a legal challenge from the families of children affected by the London Borough of Hackney’s policies on funding for special educational needs and disability. Hackney Council decided in early 2018 to reduce funding to meet needs in education, health and care plans by five percent. The High Court […]

Supreme Court unanimously rules Home Secretary breached Data Protection Act

In a significant judgment, a seven-judge panel of the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the Home Secretary unlawfully breached the Data Protection Act 2018 by authorising the transfer of evidence to the United States without seeking an assurance that US authorities would not seek to impose the death penalty against the appellant’s son, Shafee […]