Manavee’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix was better than I had imagined. As I walked in, the receptionists were so lovely and welcoming and I instantly felt comfortable due to their compassion. I definitely had a compelling and insightful experience as this week had enhanced my knowledge on the different career paths to becoming a barrister and the repercussions that come with being one. I was introduced to Sam and Frank who conducted the week and they were both very funny and genuine and I would like to thank them for always making sure we had something to do and weren’t bored but most importantly offering us tea and coffee every day! The workplace environment at Matrix is busy and everyone is extremely friendly and pleasant.

Subsequently, we visited the magistrates court in Westminster and we were accompanied by Jessica Jones who was a barrister defending the case. The case lasted for the morning and soon after Jessica came and spoke to us. I must say, she is absolutely wonderful and so easy to talk to. She told us about her career journey and the steps she took to become a barrister. I want to thank Jessica for taking her time out to come and speak to us and giving us advice on our future career. On Wednesday, we went to the Supreme Court. I was astonished by the works of the building however it was much more modernised then I had initially expected. We went with Karon Monaghan QC, but although we didn’t get the chance to speak to her, she seemed focused on what she was doing! Then we went to the royal courts of justice with Phillippa Kaufmann QC who was one of the most genuine, down to earth people I had ever met! Not only is she amazing at her job, but she also made sure we were present throughout all the meetings she had with her solicitors and gave us amazing advice on how to become a barrister. On the last day, I was given a mock interview where I was given feedback on how to prepare and answer questions in an interview and I also had a talk with a trainee barrister, Roisin, where we asked her a range of questions and gave me ideas on how to proceed with my desired career of becoming a barrister.

Though this work experience, I met a range of wonderful people and I would like to thank everyone in the Matrix team for always making us feel so welcome!