Ebenezer talks about his week at Matrix

Work Experience at Matrix was an incredible experience which I would recommend to anyone. Across the week I had the privilege of falling asleep twice in the Supreme Court (the case was interesting but it is quite a draining experience!), going out to lunch with the brilliant Roisin Swords-Kieley, and a mock interview in which we could display our communication skills. I could go on about the plethora of fantastic cases we were able to witness, but ultimately what made the week were the people at Matrix. Matrix is an incredibly welcoming environment, where everyone is not only committed to their role but brilliant at it also. From barristers to support staff, people at Matrix are truly amazing and I cannot praise the working environment enough. Whether you are interested in being a barrister (you have plenty of time if so!) or simply want to enjoy an excellent week, I would highly recommend it to anyone.