Humaira’s week at Matrix

Through being offered a work experience placement with Matrix I most certainly have had an invaluable, inspirational and insightful experience. Firstly I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff and members at Matrix who have made my experience memorable and enjoyable because of the friendly and welcoming environment. The week ultimately has enriched my knowledge of law since I have witnessed and learnt about what the work of legal professionals in particular learning about what the habitual experiences and day-to-day duties of barristers necessitate.

I have experienced the intensive nature of legal debate through attending a number of courts over the course of the week where I was introduced to the microcosm of law in the city of London. For example, I was provided the opportunity to see the elaborate form of a verbal argument, within which I witnessed the ‘cat and mouse’ nature of each of the cases which subsequently provided me with an appreciation of the importance of spoken argument in law. This experience has taught me the hard work and dedication needed to have your voice heard amongst others; on the other hand, it has also taught me the rewards available and the immense success it brings, it is this feeling of fulfilment I wish to achieve in the future. In addition, to supplement my understanding of what the duties undertaken by barristers the induction on the initial day permitted me to speak to a range of faculties that work within the chambers ultimately dedicated to assisting barristers through every aspect, through this I obtained a heightened appreciation of the impact of teamwork, collaboration and the importance of specific expertise.

Personally I believe that not only is law a fundamental principle established by our ancestors, but it is also an ever-powerful and evolving element on the global state that is now subject to further immersion into the ‘digital age’. Indeed Matrix has been integral to further developing my and enhancing my knowledge of ‘law’ essentially through allowing me to discover the significance of barristers in particular.