Month: February 2020

Ebenezer talks about his week at Matrix

Work Experience at Matrix was an incredible experience which I would recommend to anyone. Across the week I had the privilege of falling asleep twice in the Supreme Court (the case was interesting but it is quite a draining experience!), going out to lunch with the brilliant Roisin Swords-Kieley, and a mock interview in which […]

Manavee’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix was better than I had imagined. As I walked in, the receptionists were so lovely and welcoming and I instantly felt comfortable due to their compassion. I definitely had a compelling and insightful experience as this week had enhanced my knowledge on the different career paths to becoming a barrister and […]

Davina’s week at Matrix

My week at matrix has been even better than I anticipated. You might think they’ll give you the classic unfortunate pre-university work experience of essentially being a human coffee machine, but actually, it was me who was being offered the coffee! Everyone was great, the staff was genuinely friendly, and the office space and overall […]

Humaira’s week at Matrix

Through being offered a work experience placement with Matrix I most certainly have had an invaluable, inspirational and insightful experience. Firstly I would like to acknowledge and thank the staff and members at Matrix who have made my experience memorable and enjoyable because of the friendly and welcoming environment. The week ultimately has enriched my […]