Laura talks about her week at Matrix

I have always been interested in having a legal career, from enjoying a little debate every now and then to watching courtroom dramas. Yet, I did not have much knowledge to get a clear idea of exactly what type of jobs are available in the law sector. Having completed a one week work experience placement […]

Tamyah’s week at Matrix

Despite my parents coming from a Maths and Psychology background, law for a long time now has fascinated me as it is the bedrock of our society. It manages to protect us, whilst penalising those that don’t abide by it and provides the structure that every functioning society needs. I became aware of the law […]

“I learnt a lot about how Matrix as a chambers works”

When I first entered the building on Monday, I was so nervous about my work experience as I was entering a place I had never been before and felt uncomfortable. Then when I went to reception, I was greeted by the receptionist who was so kind even though I arrived late due to train delays. I met Eric at […]