Month: July 2019

Court lifts anonymity order on transgender claimant seeking to be recorded as father not mother on child’s birth certificate

This case involves an application made by interested media parties, to remove a claimant, TT (a trans male), from the protection of an anonymity order, but retain a bar on directly naming his child, YY. The anonymity order was made in a judicial review case in which the claimant is challenging the legal requirement that he […]

RAF’s refusal to pay compensation breached surviving partner’s human rights 

Langford v Secretary of State for Defence The Court of Appeal today unanimously held that an exclusionary rule in the armed services pension scheme led to unlawful discrimination against the surviving partner of a deceased officer. The Appellant was the surviving partner of Air Commodore Christopher Green. They had been in a committed relationship for […]

Government concedes judicial review and promises wholesale reform to its system for providing support to victims of trafficking

Two victims of modern slavery, NN and LP, have succeeded in persuading the government to reform the system for providing support to some of the most vulnerable people in the United Kingdom. LP (trafficked and repeatedly raped) and NN (trafficked, held in slave conditions and badly beaten) were formally determined to be victims of trafficking […]

Court Of Appeal Delivers Judgment In Glenanne Report Challenge

The Court accepted that Edward Barnard, and by implication all the families whose loved ones were killed by off duty RUC and UDR officers across the Southern border counties of Northern Ireland in the 1970s, had a procedural legitimate expectation that an analytical report on collusion would be carried out by an independent police team. […]