Rasheel talks about her work experience week

To begin with, I would like to thank everyone at Matrix who has made me feel welcomed and for giving me this amazing opportunity. It has been incredible to be exposed to many phases of law here, from seeing the perspective of both the upkeep of the staff and Barristers. I started off this week by being very uncertain about law due to my English not being my sturdiest subject, but finished the week by strongly believing in myself and a strong desire to pursue my knowledge in law and highly attracted in exploring this further.

I started off on Monday and was welcomed by the staff who gave an induction and informed me what they had planned for my one week of experience by giving me a folder with skeletons of the cases I am attending and a timetable of which Barrister I need to be with, the place and the time. After being fairly settled, I was introduced to the other work experience student. Subsequently, after our initial induction, we were directed away to the Employment Tribunal to see Andrew Smith argue a case.  He then took the time to take us back to the Chambers and explain some of the finer details of the complex and stimulating cases. After the helping out with some of the admin we were then sent back for the Judge’s verdict. Coming back to the Chambers we spoke to a member of both a Practice Team and the Fees and Finance team.

Unfortunately, I arrived on late Wednesday missing Tuesday’s tasks and visiting courtrooms, but straight away we were taken to the Royal Courts of Justice to experience another incredibly fascinating case with Hugh Southey QC. We had been given the skeleton arguments of both sides beforehand and this enabled us to engage with the arguments, as we could better understand them. Afterwards, we were able to discuss parts of the court procedure and understand the build-up and events of the case with both parties.

Following the end of the hearing on Thursday, one of the trainees told us more about becoming a Barrister, as well as favourably and encouragingly answering all of the questions we had developed over the week. We also had to do some marketing tasks set by Steve and were told to make a spreadsheet for the time schedule of the upcoming week of all the barristers’ hearings.

On our last day (Friday), we had a mock interview which involved planning a day and other problem solving tasks, which developed my thinking skills and has enabled me to feel more contented about future interactions of this kind and it gave me an idea for the process of a job interview. This work experience has built up my confidence massively and my sense of professionalism. I am appreciative to have been given this placement.