Day: 21 June 2019

Court of Appeal upholds University’s decision not to reinstate unfairly dismissed employee, despite being previously ordered to by lower court

The Appellant was appointed as a law lecturer at the University of Cambridge starting in 2006, initially on an unestablished basis, then “established” in a permanent post. The Appellant was dismissed from her established position as a lecturer with the University with effect from 31 December 2013.   The Appellant appealed against this dismissal using the […]

UK grant of export licences for the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia ruled unlawful due to failure to assess Kingdom’s past record on international humanitarian law

The Court of Appeal allowed the appeal of the Campaign Against Arms Trade and concluded that the process of granting licences was unlawful in one respect. The Court did not accept that the UK military and other analysts and advisers wrongly discounted the evidence coming from the NGOs and the UN Panel of experts, rather […]