Denisa talks about her week at Matrix

The Matrix experience had been promoted to me by some of my teachers and fellow students-who had previously attended- as soon as I had suggested that I would be interested in law. I was informed that Matrix would provide me with a very realistic picture of a Barrister’s role in the court and what other jobs are available under the eyes of the law. With all theses expectations built within my head, undoubtedly, Matrix was able to surpass everything I was told by not only acquiring me with new skills like communication and independence but also helped me with my poor time management all while expanding my lack of knowledge in how cases are organized and how much work goes behind every case.


When I arrived on Monday, I was quite skeptical about my surroundings as I felt as though I did not belong in an environment of so much professionalism and matureness. It also did not help with the fact that I running late on my first day as I was uneasily walking around Grays inn like a headless chicken trying to find the entrance to Matrix. However once I entered the building, I was warmingly welcomed by Carrie, the receptionist, who understandingly accepted the reason for my lateness and introduced me and the other work experience student to the HR manager, Alice. Alice then thoroughly explained what to expect in the following week, gave us the risk assessment, supplied us with a map of the matrix building to know my way around. We then was brought upstairs to the offices where I was instantaneously greeted with a number of kind faces from each working team like the Admin and facilities team, the marketing team and practice team which is sectioned off in sub units M,T,X- which essentially builds the name of Matrix. We were directed down the corridor to the finance team, we got settled down at the desk that was prepared for us and received an Interesting explanation of the work the fee group issues for the Matrix company. After all the introductions, we were given a research task to complete from the LSS team which further exposed me to different law acts like the Human rights act and the articles that help ensure that all people living in the Uk have rights and are living comfortably. This Task in general helped me understand all the attributes that make up the British legal system and also contributed to one of the reasons why am I now able to write more concisely and at a greater speed.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we attended 2 courts. On Tuesday  we went and watched some public cases at the Central London Employment Tribunal where disputes are resolved and on the entire day on Wednesday, we went to the Royal courts of justice where we witnessed the leave EU appeal. Both days obtained me with the necessary knowledge before the case had started by being provided with the skeleton arguments in order to establish my understanding so I could easily follow through the cases. Both days provided a realistic picture and eliminated the expectations embodied in movies and tv shows of how cases actually run at court. This therefore was a real eye opener as the experience highlighted the fact that in court , the cases are carried out through a longer process than how it is displayed on tv. Moreover through this experience, I now also have a more developed understanding of the organisation in the court, the order of ideas and how they’re presented by the barristers. The fact that Tuesday I had attended a tribunal and then on wednesday, I attended a court, I was made aware of the differences between the two: while Tribunal focuses on specific issues like employment, the court focuses more on wider cases thus also widening the level of experience I had gained.

Later on Thursday, I was back at the office, completing new tasks and finishing the previous ones I had done. By the end of Thursday I had not only given in my first completed task to the LSS team for feedback, but I had also written my Fee Task, my marketing task and my Admin team task. As a result to this, I did not focus only on one topic but a few, allowing me to understand and experience what the other job roles require. Each task acquired me with new skills and knowledge that I will be taking into my future university life if I were to study Law. The marketing task, developed my researching skills as I had to search for the best seminar venues which conformed to the preferred criteria. Similarly, the admin team task also achieved the same, as I had to find suitable flights and hotels for my “barrister” to travel and work efficiently. This task also helped with my time management as I needed to finish within a limited time.

Lastly on Friday, we were given a specific job role within Matrix that we supposingly were applying for and therefore had to study the job’s requirements and role in order to perform successfully at the mock interview. The interview was helpful to make me understand what is expected to be asked at an interview and therefore was useful to boost my confidence when speaking about my overall achievements. Nearing the ending of the day, we had the chance to go out for ‘tea’ and cake with 2 trainee barristers and were given the opportunity to ask questions revolving their job role and what they did to become a barrister.

In conclusion, my experience at Matrix has been overly eventful, useful and educational. I am pleased that I had the chance to take part in this organisation as I would typically not have the opportunity to have access to such experience or information revolving any law related job. The week has provided me with efficient  understanding of every role that is available and has persuaded me about the fact that following a law pathway in my future whereas before I was very unsure about what I wanted to work as.