‘One of brilliance’ – Anais’ week at Matrix

From being hesitant about applying to Matrix work experience, to conversing with highly qualified barristers in court, my overall experience has been one of brilliance. Delving into the true Matrix experience, we were introduced to the team who were bursting with energy and enthusiasm. We spent an increasingly enjoyable time with the fees and finance […]

Emily’s week at Matrix

Monday morning, 7:26am, a packed commuter train heading to King’s Cross. I was excited, but very nervous, to embark on my week at Matrix. Having applied for the placement several months before, I’d spent many hours trawling the website reading the blog, it seems slightly surreal that I am now writing my entry. I can […]

Akirha’s week at Matrix

I arrived at Matrix chambers on the Monday morning and was kindly greeted by Lindsay who gave me an introduction and introduced me to the staff who work at Matrix Chambers. When I arrived I was really nervous and taciturn however everyone was very welcoming and I was already allocated a desk, where I would […]