Hui reflects on her time at Matrix

Upon my arrival at Matrix Chamber, I was greeted by Faiza, who kindly went through all the safeguarding and confidentiality aspects of the work experience. Swiftly after this, we were greeted by a welcoming and kind group of staff who quickly relieved me of my anxiety I had about meeting new people on the first […]

Nainita’s week at Matrix

I arrived at Matrix on Monday at 9am, the day began with an introduction, which gave us a brief overview of what we can expect from the week ahead. Then we were taken upstairs and we were introduced to the rest of the team. All the members of staff were incredibly polite and welcoming, the […]

Madeline’s Week at Matrix

My week at Matrix has been both an enticing and riveting experience, that has enabled me to gain an insight into the legal sector and what a job as a barrister would entail. The staff at Matrix were extremely helpful in making the week a compelling experience that has broadened my knowledge of the law […]