“I was able to witness advocacy in real life” – Divya talks about his week at Matrix

Coming to Matrix Chambers was insightful and exciting. The activities that were organised would give any student realistic perceptions of a career in the law, which has significant implications for aspiring young lawyers.

During my time at Matrix, the staff kindly allowed me to spectate barristers in court. This further facilitated my desire to become a lawyer as I was able to witness advocacy in real life. This not only highlighted the key role of a barrister but also presented the rigours duties inherent in the profession. However, witnessing the successful manner in which legal arguments are delivered to solve sophisticated legal issues undermines the fact that the profession of a barrister is difficult. Witnessing such refined advocacy has only contributed to my academic devotion to law.

Additionally, I am grateful for the realistic work experience provided to me by the fantastic staff at Matrix. During court sessions, the staff provided me with skeleton arguments of the case. As an A-level student, I have never actually had the opportunity to examine a lawyer’s writing style. Therefore, the fact that I was provided with this information assisted my understanding of how barristers craft their arguments for trials. Having the opportunity to read these arguments will also assist the development of my own writing style.

Overall, during my first few days at Matrix, Polly and the LSS team were extremely kind and helpful; they assisted with my journeys from Matrix to the Courts, as well as supplying me with information about further studies in law.

Furthermore, barristers such as Ms Skinner, Mr Wills and Mr Vassall-Adams were able to answer a significant amount of my questions and also gave me beneficial information about the cases to help my understanding of the different cases I saw during the week. This demonstrates the friendly and positive atmosphere within Matrix Chambers, which contradicts the stereotype of a traditional London chambers. Furthermore, Eric and Sabrina from the Fees team at Matrix spoke to me about the financial aspects of managing chambers, which was insightful and interesting. This experience also answered some of the queries about the realities of being a barrister. I am grateful that I had a chance to come to Matrix for work experience, as the people here have been lovely and the lessons I have learned has been significant. This placement has been highly beneficial for me as an aspiring law student.

On the final day, I spoke one-to- one with the trainee barristers who were helpful and friendly. They answered many of my queries regarding pupillage and a career at the Bar. They also discusses multiple routes to accessing a career in the law more generally. The staff team also organised a mock interview. It was very valuable as the staff were able to evaluate my interview skills, which are important skills to develop for any student.

In conclusion, my work experience at Matrix has been motivating and rewarding; it has highlighted many different aspects of a career at the Bar, and I have had the opportunity of getting to know such fantastic people.