“A worthwhile and unforgettable experience” – Katy’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix has been a worthwhile and unforgettable experience, which has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding about what the job of a barrister entails and how the team at Matrix work closely together to keep the Chambers running smoothly. After our induction on Monday morning we were greeted by Amy, who we were lucky enough to have look after us for the whole week. We were quickly introduced to all members of staff who were incredibly friendly and welcoming which helped me to feel at ease in an environment which seemed daunting at first.

Throughout the week we had talks with the various departments including Fees, Marketing, LSS and the Practice Assistants. From learning how the Fees team invoice clients to how court bundles are arranged, everything I learnt this week was extremely beneficial to learn the different roles within the firm and how each job is essential in its own way. We were also very fortunate to have coffee on Monday morning with trainee Emma Foubister, where we had the chance to listen to her journey on becoming a barrister as well as having the opportunity to ask any questions we had. This was extremely helpful as it gave me a real insight into the steps I need to take in order to pursue a career in the legal sector.

On Wednesday we visited the Royal Courts of Justice were we watched Matrix barrister James Laddie QC defend Dr Bawa-Garba to appeal the decision she should be erased off of the Medical Register. We had read the skeleton argument the day before providing us with even more information, which made the case even more enticing as we were able to form our own opinions and judgments about each side’s arguments as the day went on. On Thursday we visited the Rolls Building to view part of the case involving Cliff Richard, where Matrix Barrister Gavin Miller QC represented the BBC in their dispute over privacy. Watching such  high profile court cases was my favourite part of the week as well as being able to witness different barristers in action and how each have different styles when putting forward their arguments. On Thursday Amy took us to meet James so we could discuss what we had watched the day before and again ask any questions we had. It was interesting to listen to his view on how he thought the day went and gain a real insight into the case.

I am truly grateful to everyone who made my week at Matrix an invaluable experience. This week has made me even more excited to go to university in September to study Law as this week has confirmed my ambition to become a barrister. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in a future in Law as I have gained a wide range knowledge about not only about the life of a barrister, but the legal profession itself. I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at Matrix and would like to extend my thanks to everyone who made my week so special!