Month: July 2018

Different treatment of women taking maternity leave and men taking paternity leave is unlawful

The Police Federation for England and Wales has successfully challenged the Police Pension Schemes and Additional Voluntary Contributions (Amendment) (England and Wales) Regulations 2018. Those Regulations provided that men who took additional paternity leave (known within the police as maternity support leave) would not be allowed to “buy back” periods of unpaid leave for pension purposes. However, women who take maternity leave […]

Supreme Court gives judgment in election expenses case

The Supreme Court held that there is no requirement for property, goods, services or facilities transferred to or provided for the use or benefit of a candidate free of charge or at a discount to be authorised by the candidate or his or her election agent in order to constitute election expenses. Clare Montgomery QC […]

Bulk communications data sharing with foreign agencies, law enforcement agencies, and contractors/researchers would be ECHR, art 8 compliant

The IPT today gave its  third judgment in a case brought by Privacy International concerning the intelligence agencies’ use of Bulk Communications Data and Bulk Personal Datasets.  This judgment dealt with five issues, including the delegation of the statutory powers of the Foreign Secretary under the Telecommunications Act 1984, s 94 and the lawfulness of […]