Day: 23 July 2018

Bulk communications data sharing with foreign agencies, law enforcement agencies, and contractors/researchers would be ECHR, art 8 compliant

The IPT today gave its  third judgment in a case brought by Privacy International concerning the intelligence agencies’ use of Bulk Communications Data and Bulk Personal Datasets.  This judgment dealt with five issues, including the delegation of the statutory powers of the Foreign Secretary under the Telecommunications Act 1984, s 94 and the lawfulness of […]

30th Anniversary of Section 28 (Local Government Act 1986, s 2A)

Enacted in the Thatcher years, this legislation represented a blatant piece of State sponsored homophobia. At the time, along with 1000s of other LGBT+ and heterosexual people, Booan Temple protested against it. Their protest failed, but the community was galvanised to carry on fighting back. BBC3 producer, Ruth Evans, made a film detailing the story […]

Karon Monaghan QC to co-edit new UK Labour Law Blog

Karon Monaghan QC has launched a new UK Labour Law Blog alongside co-editors Professor Alan Bogg (University of Bristol), Professor Hugh Collins FBA (University of Oxford), Professor Michael Ford QC (University of Bristol), Professor Virginia Mantouvalou (University College London) and editorial assistant, Natalie Sedacca (University College London). The blog is a forum for academics, practising […]