“I will never forget my time at Matrix” – Sara’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix started on Monday, in which I was shown around and introduced to the rest of the team by Alice Brighouse. All members of staff were exceptionally polite and friendly, which quickly allowed me to feel at ease and realise how welcoming this environment was. After getting to know everyone, I got given a number of different tasks which helped me understand Law to a better extent and made me recognise how important each role was within the Chambers. At around 3:00pm, I was given documentation on the case I was scheduled to be seeing the next day, which made me feel both excited and nervous as I had never been to Court before but was incredibly curious as to what it would be like. The case was revolving around an election that had taken place and the outcome of that election.

On Tuesday, I was taken to Court where I met Gavin Millar QC, a Barrister at Matrix, and was able to evaluate his performance during the trial. It was truly incredible watching how complex the case was and how both Barristers were approaching the issue. Additionally, being able to see a Court Proceeding happening in real life showed me how committed and determined you have to be if you are considering becoming a Barrister. The case was intense as both sides were extremely focused and rapidly writing notes, making sure not to miss anything. It was clear that concentration was essential throughout this process.

The next morning, I was given information on the second trial I was supposed to be attending. This one was very different to the one I had seen on the previous day and involved an issue regarding employment and payment for disabled individuals. Surprisingly, the two Barristers taking this case (Sarah Hannett and Zoë Leventhal) were both from Matrix and I saw them upon arrival at the High Court of Justice. Both of them made interesting assertions and highlighted the key points of their arguments. Moreover, I was able to witness the passion they possessed, which managed to inspire and motivate me despite the fact I was simply seated at the back watching it happen. Afterwards, I made my way back to Matrix, where I had some spare time and continued working on the tasks I got given on Monday. I also got given the papers for the last Court Proceeding I was scheduled to attend the next day and so I spent some time reading through them until 5:00pm.

On Thursday, I went to the third and final trial arranged which at this point, felt normal as I had gotten used to the procedure. It was at the High Court of Justice again where Aidan O’Neill and Chris Buttler (both Barristers from Matrix) were taking this case on behalf of the Claimant. This case was about a painting that had been transported to the UK from another country within Europe. It was intriguing hearing both sides of the story and how they responded to the points addressed. I also had the opportunity to talk to one of the Barristers during Lunch and discovered more about what it’s like working in the Legal Industry and how unpredictable a case can be. I was majorly pleased with the fact I got to see a variety of different cases featuring a range of different advantages and disadvantages to be considered with each point addressed. Another thing I learnt after attending the Court Proceedings is the substantial amount of preparation that goes into each case; all possibilities have to be considered and Barristers have to be prepared to have an answer for any point addressed regarding the case.

Finally, I remained within the Chambers on Friday and started off the day by working on some more tasks before being taken for Coffee with two Trainee Barristers. As we sat in the sun, I managed to find out a lot more about how to actually become a Barrister and whether it’s a good idea to study for a Law Degree immediately or if you should prioritise subjects you enjoy. Overall, the conversation was highly informative and definitely assisted in helping me decide what to do in the future. There was also a Mock Interview I did a bit later on in which I had 30 minutes to prepare for a specific job within Matrix. I received feedback on the Interview which was great and now know a lot more about what to include and talk about during any Interview.

In conclusion, my time here has been beneficial and I achieved everything I was hoping to achieve and a lot more. I now also understand how important time management and team work is, which are skills I can use in any situation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my week at Matrix and will most certainly never forget it.