Day: 6 June 2018

Ben Emmerson QC, former UN special rapporteur on anti-terrorism, presents damning assessment of Saudi Arabia human rights record

Ben Emmerson QC, the former UN special rapporteur on anti-terrorism, has concluded that Saudi Arabia is systematically using anti-terror laws to justify torture, suppress all dissent and imprison human rights defenders following a five day trip to the region. Ben was officially invited by the Saudi government and during his trip he met with senior […]

Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Danny Friedman QC and Raj Desai are part of a team  representing many of the bereaved and survivors from Grenfell Tower in the Inquiry. They are instructed by Bhatt Murphy, Bindmans, Hickman & Rose and Hodge Jones & Allen. The independent public inquiry is set up to examine the circumstances leading up to and surrounding […]