“My week at Matrix Chambers has been absolutely phenomenal” – Abged’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix Chambers has been absolutely phenomenal. I would like to thank everybody at Matrix for providing me with such an incredible opportunity. It has taught me more about the legal world, and I can definitely say I am more interested and motivated to pursue a career in law. From office to courtroom, everything I did was not only insightful, but a productive use of my week.

My week began on Monday, where I was inducted into Matrix by Alice Brighthouse, then almost straight away taken to the Supreme Court, to watch Karon Monaghan QC and Sarah Hannett argue a case for a straight couple who wanted a civil partnership. On the way, Sarah explained her argument for the case, both the current situation, and the legal aspects. The Supreme Court was a beautiful building, and I found the case to be extremely interesting. I was especially drawn to how well Karon Monaghan argued her point.

Tuesday and I had another court case to attend, this time with James Laddie QC. This case was concerning a man who had claimed an unfair dismissal from his job. James was another example of a barrister who was a captivating speaker, and argued his case eloquently. James also walked back with us to Matrix after the case. One of the things I was surprised to learn was that the High Court, in which the case was held, has 72 courtrooms!

Wednesday was a more relaxed day, where we (Emelia and I) stayed at Matrix, and helped out wherever we could. We had Steve Willey explain to us how LEX, Matrix’s organisational software, worked. We were also asked to help Sara Thompson and Rachel Murray from Marketing in preparing name badges for a party Matrix was holding later in the evening.

With Thursday came the return to another courtroom, also at the High Court. Today’s case was about a family whose information, including their asylum status, was leaked on a website after a spreadsheet was posted on the Home Office website. Hugh Tomlinson QC and Sara Mansoori argued this case against another Matrix barrister, Gavin Millar QC. This was thoroughly intriguing and an ideal use of our morning. After lunch, we had coffee and went for a walk with Anita Davies, a junior barrister. She was, like everyone else at Matrix, remarkably kind and generous, and spoke to us about her career and how she came to choose law.

I am truly grateful for all the staff and barristers at Matrix, who have not only been genuinely friendly and welcoming, but who have also further piqued my interest in pursuing a career in law. This is my first work experience placement, and has set a high standard for all the placements and jobs to come. Matrix has exceeded my expectations and provided me with an educational, productive and much enjoyed time.