Day: 18 May 2018

‘Trump dossier’ appeal

Ex FCO official Christopher Steele wrote the 2016 memoranda now known as the “Trump dossier”. BuzzFeed Inc published them online in 2017. Aleksej Gubarev, named in one of the memoranda, is suing BuzzFeed in libel in Florida. In March 2018 the Senior Master varied an order for the oral deposition of Mr Steele in the […]

Matrix’s Andrew Bodnar speaks on “Cybercrime – challenges for criminal law practitioners in 2018” at the 21st Annual IBA Conference on Transnational Crime in Krakow, Poland today

During the course of today’s session Andrew, the co-chairs and his fellow panellists will discuss how lawyers can tackle significant threats such as ransomware attacks, botnets using the internet of things, data breaches, social engineering, the dark net, etc, following the publication of Europol’s ‘The 2017 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment’ document. Andrew is a […]

High Court ruling on costs of a strategic claim

Despite the “apparent success” of the claimant (due to a late disclosure of a relevant fact by the claimant, who was a mentally unwell and street homeless asylum seeker at the date of making his first statement), the Master made an order as to no costs. The Costs Order was overturned by the High Court in favour of the claimant who was awarded costs up to a date shortly before the claim was settled.

The Master had fallen into error in relation to his approach to the facts.

Samantha Knights QC was involved in this case.