Mariam’s week at Matrix

Thank you to all at Matrix who have allowed me to gain an insight into law, in such an exciting scherzo of areas. Much to the dismay of my Economics teacher, this week did not involve making tea for barristers or carrying their bundles around London.

My week began with an induction from Alice and a tour around the building. Polly then kindly gave me an insight into what she does at LSS, and gave me a look at both of Matrix’s libraries – showing me some of the textbooks barristers constantly refer to. I spent the rest of the day aiding Sara with some preparations and reading the skeleton for the case we would be in court for on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s case involved quite a large controversy that occurred over the summer – hearing Mark Summers speak articulately in court was an experience I learned greatly from – the case surrounded extradition law, an area that fascinates me greatly. Walking back with him cleared up previous misconceptions, and meeting George, a junior from another chamber, afterwards for the hearing was an interesting experience that brought us closure.

In the epoch of the next two days, we were lucky enough to accompany the great Sarah Hannett, Emma Foubister, and James Eadie in quite a ‘floodgate case’ – concerning a non-binary person’s request to have an ‘X’ on their passport as opposed to the traditional ‘F’ or ‘M’. Afterwards, Sarah aided our understanding of legal jargon, and helped us find our way around margins of apprication and positive obligations. An article about this case was written in The Guardian on the first day, which goes to show how topical the cases we followed were, which I must thank the marketing team for as well as the barristers who agreed to have work experience students pester them. Emma was kind enough to buy us a coffee on Wednesday evening where she answered all of our questions on law and university and we chatted about the case.

It was so lovely to meet Emma, Mark, and Sarah, all of whom taught us loads, answered my rather stupid questions, and cemented my hope in pursuing law, as well as the ever so kind Sara, Rachel, and Grace.