‘One of brilliance’ – Anais’ week at Matrix

From being hesitant about applying to Matrix work experience, to conversing with highly qualified barristers in court, my overall experience has been one of brilliance.

Delving into the true Matrix experience, we were introduced to the team who were bursting with energy and enthusiasm. We spent an increasingly enjoyable time with the fees and finance team, enjoying great company from the early hours of 9am up until the final few minutes of our day! To gain further understanding of the mechanisms of Matrix Chambers, we were set daily tasks by each sector i.e. the marketing team. Our first day was increasingly informative, as was each day being exposed to something new each day. Day one was filled with plenty of smiles and a ‘bundle’ of new information I had never acquired. This was most evident through the fees and finance task given and our research of the implications of legal aid. As minute as this task was, this short-accounted knowledge came to my advantage when browsing the daily BBC news website regarding the legal aid granted towards the John Worboys case of £166,000. Therefore, I heavily adhered to the phrase of ‘learning something new every day!’  Subsequently, meeting the marketing team gave us an insight into the processes behind the legal work of current barristers to which I was astonished by the amount of work goes into providing the best quality service for the lawyers. From perfecting their online profiles to organising venues for barristers taking the silk, their work assured me of the great efforts congregated by the team.

Continuing our unique journey, day two is prominent in mind as we were given tasks by the LSS team, which resulted in helping me broaden my writing skills and sense of judgement. This was demonstrated through the multiple questions we were asked through researching the Supreme Court blog and discussing potential laws we would change i.e. the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006. This activity benefit me widely in preparation for my position at university studying law, testing my ability to argue and analyse the entitlements attached to laws. Moreover, we were showed round the barristers’ offices and the library in which they use, heightening our first-hand experience of the chambers.

Could my experience have possibly been any better? Of course!  Our third day was spent in court with Ayesha Christie, (a member of Matrix since 2015) in an immigration case regarding the issue of the accessibility and funds of medication in Tanzania, exploring the issues that arise from mental health and the heavy use of Article 3 and Article 6 within the skeleton argument. Despite her young age, Ayesha adopts a huge wealth of experience, to which her role in court further strengthened my goal of pursuing a career as a successful barrister.

The final day of my work experience with Matrix consisted of a mock interview and meeting with trainee barrister, Natasha. These elements of my day were increasingly helpful. The mock interview gave me an insight into the form of interview for a legal based career, in terms of the type of questions asked. With this, the activity included the useful feedback of the staff, which I will heavily consider when I apply for a potential job or traineeship in the legal field.

Overall, I have gained a huge amount at Matrix Chambers, to which I am entirely grateful for the opportunity; an eye-opening experience, I will truly never forget. From my experience at Matrix, I have been able to shape my future firmly as it has helped strengthen my career choice and the areas of law I would potentially like to study. The people I have met have epitomised the brilliance of this experience, making every single day here an absolute joy. From my experience, I would highly recommend this invaluable opportunity at Matrix Chambers, particularly for those wishing to pursue a career within the legal field.