“My week at Matrix was enlightening”

My week at Matrix was very informative. Having embarked on the week with all my prior knowledge coming from shows like Suits and Prison Break, I found the experience to be very humbling. We went to court on all five days. On the first day we went to the Supreme Court to watch Aidan O’Neill QC. Whilst the experience was lovely, not being a huge fan of tax laws, I found the case to be much too complicated to comprehend. However it did teach me one thing: regulation law is an absolute no for me! It also didn’t help that typical British weather greeted us at lunchtime!

The second day was by far my favourite. It started with a walk to the Old Bailey; British weather decided to have mercy on us and it was a beautiful day. We watched a murder case. Criminal law was one of the areas of law that I thought I would like, and I was right. The case was so riveting that I even forgot about the uncomfortable piece of steel that I was sat on. The cross examination was brilliant to watch. The performance of the barristers was good enough to be on the West End. The 999 call and CCTV footage from the night of the murder was played in court. The Old Bailey is an experience I will never forget.

The third, fourth and fifth days were spent in the Royal Court of Justice. On the third day we watched Nick Armstrong perform on an immigration case. The last two days we watched a case on the dishonouring of a $10 million cheque. We were lucky enough to watch from the start to the end of the hearing including the judge’s judgement. This I found particularly interesting as I had hoped to one day become a judge.

More than anything, my week at Matrix was enlightening. I learnt lots about becoming a barrister and QC. The atmosphere was very friendly and it motivated me to put my head down next year if I was to one day be doing what the barristers at Matrix so brilliantly do.