“My week at Matrix was amazing”

My week at Matrix was amazing, I am very happy that I have been able to be here for a week and get to know the work that they do. When we started I thought I was scared and excited at the same time since I heard about the good reputation of being one of the leading barristers’ practices and that it was going to be a more formal and serious environment to be in. However everyone at Matrix was very friendly, chilled and relaxed. We were able to get to know the job roles of people working in the chamber which it gave me the understanding on how their jobs are just as important and exiting as the rest.

Over the week we were taken to court to see some cases, one of them was a sentencing at the Old Bailey court which it was interesting to see. I also had the great pleasure to have a quick induction of the whole Admin team where they explained their roles and the importance of each job and we also met some of the Matrix barristers; Mark Summers and David Wolfe. We talked about what they do, their experience at the chambers, the cases that they have advocated and we asked any questions we liked. One of my favourite moments at Matrix was the Thursday lunch time because we had buffet lunch and we got to know more people from different areas of the business and also the afternoon coffee with one of the chambers’ trainees.

Overall I do recommend it to someone who is interested in doing law in the future. This week was very productive and essential for me before I start university in September, since it gave me a good idea of what it is like to work in this company, my preferences on the different areas of work and also helped on making a decision on what I would like to do after I graduate from college. I was also able to obtain new skills and develop current skills that could be useful in the future. It was amazing how much I learnt in only a week from the members of chambers and also from the other work experience people.