“My week at Matrix was amazing”

My week at Matrix was amazing, I am very happy that I have been able to be here for a week and get to know the work that they do. When we started I thought I was scared and excited at the same time since I heard about the good reputation of being one of […]

Adrian’s time at Matrix

It is probably not a good idea to admit to too many people that the thing which first got you interested in being a barrister is a TV drama, namely the BBC’s sublime programme, Silk. Turning up on Monday 3rd July, fed on a diet of TV legal dramas with all the traditional misconceptions about […]

Poppy’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix has initiated me to the wide variety of people, courts and topics under the broad umbrella of ‘English Law’. Arriving on Monday, I was apprehensive that the staff would be cold and unwilling to co-operate with a mere sixth-form student; however, upon being introduced to the teams of clerks, marketers, secretaries […]