July 2017 - Matrix Chambers

“My week at Matrix was enlightening”

My week at Matrix was very informative. Having embarked on the week with all my prior knowledge coming from shows like Suits and Prison Break, I found the experience to be very humbling. We went to court on all five days. On the first day we went to the Supreme Court to watch Aidan O’Neill […]

“Suits has been lying to us”- Aaminah’s week at Matrix

Monday morning was like no other morning I had encountered. I had woken up at an ungodly hour and was groggy with sleep as I embarked upon my train. At this point, I was in a nervous state of excitement. I was about to embark on a wonderful experience at Matrix. I expected it to […]

“My week at Matrix was amazing”

My week at Matrix was amazing, I am very happy that I have been able to be here for a week and get to know the work that they do. When we started I thought I was scared and excited at the same time since I heard about the good reputation of being one of […]

Adrian’s time at Matrix

It is probably not a good idea to admit to too many people that the thing which first got you interested in being a barrister is a TV drama, namely the BBC’s sublime programme, Silk. Turning up on Monday 3rd July, fed on a diet of TV legal dramas with all the traditional misconceptions about […]

Poppy’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix has initiated me to the wide variety of people, courts and topics under the broad umbrella of ‘English Law’. Arriving on Monday, I was apprehensive that the staff would be cold and unwilling to co-operate with a mere sixth-form student; however, upon being introduced to the teams of clerks, marketers, secretaries […]