“Wonderful week at Matrix” – Amna

On arriving from the crowded tube station I made my way along Chancery lane. The building of Matrix Chambers itself stood out from the surrounding old, and somewhat dreary landscape of high-rise tower blocks that compares to the modern, sleek and contemporary exterior and interior of The Griffin Building.

The first day consisted of travelling to the nearby Crown Court along with Helen Law and Clare Montgomery- both profound and well established barristers. Although I have previously been to court several times, nothing compared to seeing Clare ‘one of the finest minds at the bar’ perform witness cross-examinations with such flair and talent.

Tuesday, provided me with extensive knowledge of the law sector itself and how each group, the brains behind the operations, worked together collaboratively to produce award- winning results. These groups included Fees and Finance, Marketing, Barristers Clerks (known as ‘practice assistants’ at Matrix) and Admin. We had the rare opportunity to ask members any questions as well as being provided with an overview of each job role. Although I had come into Matrix wanting to pursue a career in the bar I now have the difficulty in deciding my path as each role has its own unique bubble of excitement, perks and buzz.

The next day fuelled my passion of helping those in need. At the Supreme Court of Justice, a large gothic building in close proximity to the Chambers themselves, I met Eddie Craven, another barrister from Matrix that practises in all aspects of media and information law. Although he did not speak in court, from the short greeting ahead of the case I was able to establish an air of his passion for important and sensitive issues such as the refugee crisis which has inspired me to seek a career that helps people facing harsh circumstances and injustice.

By Thursday I had gathered all my questions regarding pursuing, training and working at the bar. All my questions were answered in a Pret and chat session with Zoe and Michael, two very interesting trainee barristers who had recently joined the Matrix team. This opportunity did not only allow me to have a much needed hot chocolate but had also put me at ease and shed light on my blurred path after college.

My last day at Matrix consisted of a practice interview for an Office and Outdoor Assistant job by Kristiane and Matt (bubbly members of Matrix). The interview itself allowed me to gain excellent feedback on interview areas I have done well in and areas I could improve. I was also provided with some amazing tips and tricks that I will definitely be using to help me stand out in any future interviews.

Overall, Matrix Chambers provides its workers with a modern and innovative environment that does not conform to the clichéd notion of a boxy office block and stress. Not only did my time here help me get a feel of my much wanted law related job but also helped me on my way to pursing it.