Amelia’s week at Matrix

Doing work experience at Matrix has truly been eye opening. Not only do you learn so much more about what barristers and solicitors actually do, rather than what they do on Suits, but you learn what all the people in the offices of chambers do, and how their jobs are just as important, exciting and glamorous as the barrister’s jobs. I really believe that if I had done work experience anywhere else I probably would have been scared away from doing law.

When I started work experience at Matrix I was sure I was just going to have to walk around and sit and watch people and I wasn’t going to be integrated at all. In reality we got to experience exactly what it would be like to work here and we performed proper tasks and jobs for people in the chambers. The fees team, LSS and team M gave all gave us induction talks that were all about what they do and they really made us feel welcomed by answering any questions or queries.

Right from the off, we were taken to court to see one of the best barristers in the world, Clare Montgomery QC, argue a really interesting case. Although not all of the cases we saw were riveting, they offered some really useful insight into what court cases actually look like and how they work differently to the portrayal they get on television. We also got introduced to everyone in the offices of Matrix. Even though we didn’t speak to every single person in the chambers, we did get to meet different groups of people and they were all so welcoming and provided lots of information into what their jobs are and how the friendly environment is at Matrix.

Some of the best parts of work experience were definitely chatting to people like Amy, Shams and Alice at lunch and being welcomed not only into the professional side of Matrix but the personal side as well. Getting coffee with some trainee barristers was a highlight because you get a lot of insight into the reality of becoming a barrister. It was extremely interesting to hear how many of the people currently working at Matrix actually did work experience at Matrix also.

Matrix overall has really helped me decide where I want to work within law, its helped me decide how far I want to pursue a law career in the future and it has helped me decide what next steps I want to take in my education. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity and a fantastic learning experience for any one even thinking about entering the field of law in the future.