A Blast at the Chambers! Jefferson talks about his week at Matrix

What a time. From seeing the dread on the barristers faces and anxiety levels rise at court, to the friendly upbeat atmosphere within the work place, Matrix has delivered the perfect and most realistic experience of being a barrister or a clerk.  Matrix has exceeded all height and expectations that I reckoned the experience would be like and has only inspired and motivated me to work exceptionally hard to achieve my dream of being a barrister.  The Chambers has answered all persistent questions that have bugged me over the years, and has helped me decide whether I want to pursue a career as a barrister. Not only has this experience showed the glamourous aspect of being a barrister in court, but it has displayed the hard work and driven approach barristers’ clerks take to complete all necessary work for barristers behind the scenes.

Matrix gave me the privilege to attend four court cases which were located at the Old Bailey, Court of Appeal, High and Supreme Court. This experience helped open floodgates of ideas for me for which aspect of law I want to pursue. Although the cases have been at times difficult to understand and to digest, Matrix has delivered the full package of seeing a real life court case! The opportunity to attend Court has helped me to distinguish how law is explored in real life compared to TV. Although attending the Supreme Court was overwhelming to visit due to the stature and presence of the court, the experience was thrilling seeing the two barristers relentlessly express why their argument is superior to the Judges. Moreover, seeing the barristers at the Criminal courts ruthlessly interrogate and question the credibility of the defendant being innocent, stimulated all types of emotions within the court, including seeing the defendant shed a few tears. Without Matrix accepting my request to join the chambers for work experience, I would never have had the opportunity to watch such entertaining and nerve-wracking cases.

Overall, this experience has been the catalyst which has driven and motivated me to relentlessly work hard in school so that I can be a barrister. I definitely recommend this wonderful experience to any individual who has thoughts of entering the law profession. This opportunity will help answer all questions which you have about law.