“A truly inspiring week” Jennifer’s week at Matrix

I honestly didn’t think that I would have the opportunity to do a work experience at Matrix Chambers. Coming from Switzerland, after finishing my IB diploma exams, I spent my first two days in the Royal Courts of Justice watching Hugh Tomlinson QC conduct a heated cross-examination in the Michael Barrymore unlawful arrest case. His ruthlessness in the courtroom severely contrasted his joyful and almost childish excitement as he toured Alex and I through the Inns of Court. My first two days at the Royal Courts of Justice where I could see both Hugh Tomlinson QC and Lorna Skinner at work, with Michael Barrymore’s team of solicitors behind them, allowed me to really see the legal world for the first time.

Over the following days, I spent the mornings in court and the afternoons talking to the various staff team members whose vital role to the functioning of the Chambers and the barristers’ work became more apparent to me. I really enjoyed learning about their different backgrounds and would like to thank them all for making my week with Matrix a great success. The time I spent in court showed me the methodical, detailed and unrelenting approach barristers undertake. Their slow, yet eloquent manner of speaking and addressing the judge was in my eyes incredibly charming.

My desire to start my legal studies has increased tremendously as a result of my week with Matrix, when and where I was able to indicate my concerns over pursuing this profession and receive tremendous encouragement in return. The tasks that were set by the LSS and the Marketing team enabled me to expand my way of thinking and to be reassured that I will survive my upcoming law degree.

The excitement of walking on Gray’s Inn road and Chancery lane, amongst the legal world I’d only seen on paper and on websites, was incredible. The friendliness of Matrix Chambers and its strong dedication to excellence is truly inspiring. I encourage anyone who is seriously interested in pursuing the legal profession and meeting the people who form part of it to apply for a work experience here – even if you’re not sure of getting the opportunity.