Bryony’s week at Matrix

The week for me started on Tuesday (I had an exam on Monday). I was introduced to Lindsay Clarke about 10 minutes after arriving who then took me to me up to the 2nd floor to show me who I’d be working with. She also briefly explained what each team did.  I then sat down for 15 mins to go through the induction folder and fill it out.

After this I was introduced to the other guy doing work experience with me. We were then taken to the Finance Team and were informed about what they do.  We were then taken to the Legal Support Team and were given 4 tasks to complete which I really enjoyed completing.

The next day I was in court all day, we were taken there by a barrister Chris Butler. The day was fascinating however I really struggled to understand the case as it was a really trick one.

On Thursday I spent the morning in court, which was so much easier to understand and I really enjoyed it. We came out at lunch as the case finished early. We were then given time to finish our tasks. We were introduced to the marketing team and then given a task also.

On the last day, I was offered to go to court but I chose to stay in the office and finish my tasks. When I had finished my tasks I asked people from Team X (the team looking after me) if they had any jobs they wanted me to do. They gave me tasks to keep me occupied. When I got back from lunch we were taken by Zoe a trainee for coffee which was lovely because she was very nice. When we got back we were given time to prepare our answers for the mock interviews.

When I was in the interview I was asked a few questions about the scenario I chose and many other questions. I feel this was a good idea as I have never had an interview before and this prepared me for what it was like in the future and I was also given some tips.

My week at Matrix was amazing and I have met many new nice people, and Team X were an amazing team to work with and they make you feel so welcome. The rest of the Matrix team were also very welcoming and if anyone asked about Matrix I would recommend to them to go for work experience.  This has finalised my decisions that I want to become either a barrister clerk or an office assistant.