Bryony’s week at Matrix

The week for me started on Tuesday (I had an exam on Monday). I was introduced to Lindsay Clarke about 10 minutes after arriving who then took me to me up to the 2nd floor to show me who I’d be working with. She also briefly explained what each team did.  I then sat down […]

Isabelle’s week at Matrix

My short week at Matrix Chambers has been incredibly informative, exciting and also influential upon my future career aspirations. I have been given opportunities that I would otherwise not have been able to experience whilst feeling comfortable and welcomed every step along the way. The week at Matrix began with a warm welcome from the […]

Silvia’s unforgettable week at Matrix

For someone that is constantly questioned on the reasons behind why I would like to pursue a legal career, I can undoubtedly state that my week at Matrix has been incredibly beneficial in dismissing all doubts and answering all questions regarding the lives of barristers and their support teams, whilst solidifying and motivating me on […]