“An incredibly informative, fun and eventful week”

My work experience at Matrix has been an amazing experience which I will never forget. Every single team member or barrister I had the opportunity to be affiliated with wore nothing but a smile which helped ease me into the week feeling welcomed and comfortable. My week here has been incredibly informative, fun and eventful to say the least, since every day included an interesting case to observe whereby I was propelled into the realities of the legal world.

Throughout my time here, I have been more than privileged to work alongside some of the best barristers I have seen in action including: Aaron Watkins, Zachary Douglas QC, Richard Hermer QC and Darryl Hutcheon whom I would like to thank for taking time out of their schedule to converse with me and answer my queries. Their works have not only inspired me greatly but heightened my interest in the legal profession, especially with the support I was shown by everyone at the chambers.

On Monday, I observed an Extradition case alongside Aaron Watkins at the Westminster Magistrates’ court whereby he was representing the Government of India against two men regarding fraud. He consulted me prior and post the case to answer any of my queries and explain the case to me further which was highly informative. Furthermore, Sara had scheduled a coffee meeting for me to meet the two current trainee barristers: Michael and Zoe who were both very lovely and gave me a different perspective regarding the early stages of the entry into the legal profession.
On Tuesday, I attended the Royal Courts of Justice alongside Zachary Douglas QC whose presence in the high court inspired me and I was greatly intrigued in the Courts tradition regarding the dress code such as the wigs and gowns barristers were made to where due to not having much experience prior to this. He was also kind enough to greet me after the hearing to explain the case and the situation to me thus giving me the opportunity to meet him despite him needing to attend a meeting straight after.

On Wednesday, I was also sent to court with the OOA’s who have been nothing but kind and great company during the journeys to court. On Thursday I was also able to attend the Royal Courts of Justice for the second time and in this instance I observed Richard Hermer QC who I had the chance to view in action where he was defending the Iraqi citizens on their claim against the Ministry of Defence. On my last day, I was given the opportunity to attend a tribunal alongside Darryl Hutcheon who was incredibly welcoming. We had a very nice and informative chat on our stroll to the tribunal and he was open to answer any of my legal queries as well as showing me around his office in the annex building whereby I was able to meet a few other barristers present in the area. This was a change to the high profile typical barrister cases I had observed and introduced me to the more basic cases which rewarded me with the experience of the different aspects in the life of a barrister.

The week ranged from going to court and working with the team on floor 2 completing some admin work, reading cases and liaising with different members of the team who were responsible for different departments in the company. I was lucky enough to work with Steve who explained criminal law and extraditions, Shams who introduced me further to legal work, Eric from fees and finance explained the financial side to the profession as well as the role of the finance department in running the chambers. Natalie explained her project managing roles and her amazing works of the rebranding of the chambers and last but not least I was given an informative briefing by Amy from Team M on the areas of law they are involved in.

Overall, Matrix has given me the opportunity to explore my passion for law and has solidified my love for the legal system as well as inspired me to pursue a career in law and hopefully, one day, qualify as a barrister. I am beyond thankful for Lindsay, Sara, the barristers and the rest of the team for being so nice and giving me the time to work alongside them as well as shadow them. The skills and knowledge I have gained whilst being here has given me a great deal of confidence which I hope to carry on further in my life. I am very grateful to everyone for making this experience so memorable and once again, no doubt, been the best experience I have had the privilege to undertake so far.