Oliver’s week at Matrix

My week at Matrix has been extraordinarily diverse, with every day bringing something different. I arrived on the first day expecting to spend a week photocopying, but I quickly realised that my week was going to bring many new experiences. Everyone I talked to was incredibly welcoming, informative and helpful, and were willing to answer […]

“An incredibly informative, fun and eventful week”

My work experience at Matrix has been an amazing experience which I will never forget. Every single team member or barrister I had the opportunity to be affiliated with wore nothing but a smile which helped ease me into the week feeling welcomed and comfortable. My week here has been incredibly informative, fun and eventful […]

Darwin’s week at Matrix

Any doubts which I had on whether or not to pursue a career in law were completely dispelled by my week spent at Matrix Chambers. Despite initial assumptions that all I would do was to stand by the photocopier all day or shadow those doing so, it proved to be far, far more interesting than […]