Emily’s whirlwind week at Matrix

After a very warm welcome from Lindsay Clarke and a brief introduction to the rest of the team I was whisked off to the Royal Courts of Justice where I witnessed the first day of an extremely interesting public international case. The case concerned two Iraqi citizens who claimed that at the beginning of the […]

“An incredibly interesting, fun experience!”

My week at Matrix has been an incredibly interesting, fun experience which went far too quickly! Within 30 minutes of arriving at Matrix, we were on our way to Westminster Magistrates’ Court to meet Aaron Watkins, and watch his case about an extradition. Although the case had to be adjourned until June (due to the […]

“It has been an experience I most certainly will not forget”

In terms of what my perceptions of what a barrister’ chambers was, my time with Matrix has most definitely changed it. Immediately, I was surprised with the modernity of the building and how Matrix has come to reflect the evolving nature of the legal industry. Not only is Matrix a barristers’ chambers, it is a new […]