Alex talks about his time at Matrix

Matrix has been extremely helpful and supportive of giving me a wide perspective of barrister’s role and what they do on a daily basis. From the induction day, I felt comfortable with its friendly place and how I was treated.

It has been an amazing experience as I went to court on day one and observed a very important case in the Westminster Magistrates Court which gave me the opportunity to meet some prominent, high-profile barristers. Their approach was friendly and supportive and I felt comfortable in discussing the case after the break with them.

My favourite task at Matrix was when I observed a very controversial case in which the claimant was the witness and he was being cross-examined by one of Matrix’s barristers. This was very interesting for me because of the amazing techniques and methods that he used to cross-examine the witness and this made me to be very keen on becoming a barrister in the future.

Other tasks that I enjoyed were the introduction to Fees and Finance as well as the introduction to Practice desk. These introductions gave me a full understanding of how the barristers are paid and more importantly how the whole system works as an international organisation.

Furthermore, the experience at Matrix and talking to high-profile barristers has been absolutely phenomenal in boosting my confidence as well as enabling me to learn their skills and the different approaches that they take in different situations.

I cannot express how friendly the barristers were, considering the fact that they are extremely busy, they were supportive and passionate to discuss the material of the court hearings with us as well as telling us how they have become a barrister.  In particular, Rachel Logan, Mark Summers QC and Ben Silverstone were so helpful in advising me in the matters regarding the path to become a barrister as well as discussing different cases with me.

Here at Matrix, I learnt to be professional, confident and productive. I never felt bored as the day here at Matrix goes very quickly and I can say that it has been the best legal experience that I have ever had.

At the end I had a mock interview which I learnt how to deal with different tasks and giving reasons for my answers. More importantly, I had the opportunity to talk about my experiences and why I should get the job (Imagining if I would have applied for a job here). This Mock interview was fantastic because it illustrated my strengths and weaknesses as well as giving me so much confidence after I heard the feedback.

Overall, Matrix has given me so much confidence and I learnt a lot of things about barristers. Moreover, legal experiences like this especially in such a big chambers with its position of being one of the top five chambers in London is very rare and I am so grateful of being here and working with the members of the office as well as the barristers.

I hope one day I can come back here again!