Mololuwa’s talks about her week at Matrix

Although my week at Matrix Chambers was overseen by the Fees and Finance team, I was able to experience various departments: from the LSS to the Practice Desk, to Marketing, through inductions and tasks. My favourite task was the LSS task where I really got to express my opinions on the Law and even suggest changes I would make if I had the power to (maybe one day!)

This week, I have undoubtedly gained a real flavour of working life: from the early morning commute to the hours of 9am – 5pm and the tasks these hours have been filled with. If I were to summarise my week in a phrase, it would be ‘quite challenging but more rewarding’.

From the constant attention that has been paid to me this week, it is clear that Matrix invests heavily in their work experience programme and work hard to make the experience wholesome. I also quickly came to know of the very fast paced Matrix environment as I found myself in court with Mark Summers QC an hour into my first day here!

Aside from the directly law-related opportunities that I had – witnessing tremendous advocacy by silks and being personally advised by two trainees etc.…– the mock interview on my last day (the first that I’d ever had) and the feedback I received from it is something I definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

As an Upper Sixth student, official opportunities like this with large firms/chambers are few and far between. However, even if I am afforded with no other opportunity of mini pupillage before university, my time at Matrix has filled me with enough confidence that this indeed is what I want to do in the future.

From court rounds with the OAs, to banter with the Fees and Finance team, I couldn’t think of a better way I could have spent the 5 days I have at Matrix. If you’re not yet in university, seriously considering a career in Law and haven’t applied to Matrix’s work experience programme, what are you waiting for?