2016 - Page 2 of 5 - Matrix Chambers

A week with Matrix – Ryan’s experience

Matrix has been an absolutely incredible experience. The staff, the site and the barristers are all wonderful and I have felt very welcome during my week here. Unlike other chambers in London, modernity is at the forefront of Matrix’s ethos and I have no choice but to agree with Chambers and Partners in that Matrix […]

Rachel’s week at Matrix

During my time at Matrix, I’ve learnt values that would be of use for when I have my own job. These values are: team work, organisation skills, communication skills and being able to research various things. I also learnt that a lot of work is being put in to help barristers do their best and […]

‘Inspiring insight into the life of barristers’

My week at Matrix has left me with an inspiring insight into the life of barristers and their respective teams. Arriving on Monday morning, I was a little worried about the week ahead however once we met Alice, Lindsay Scott’s PA, and Shams a Legal Support Manager, who took a leading role in organising our […]

Eleanor talks about her week at Matrix

My week at Matrix Chambers has left me feeling inspired and well informed. The thought of working at the heart of London excited me greatly as I felt that I would witness a glimmer of the high profile, fast pace lives of the highly achieved. Whilst this was exciting, it was a daunting prospect. Nevertheless, […]

‘An incredible insight into the fascinating world of law!’

Conrad describes his work experience at Matrix: My week at Matrix has been an incredible insight into the fascinating world of law!  I found the whole week to be a lovely look at how working and the office life can be. On the first day, we were incredibly lucky to be able to visit and […]