“Every moment of my week really confirmed my desire to pursue a career in law”

If I could sum up my week of work experience at Matrix Chambers, I would say that it was inspiring. Every moment of my week really confirmed my desire to pursue a career in law, and from the conversations that I had with employees at Matrix I have learnt lots of very valuable advice. On my first day, I was very excited for my week of shadowing barristers, chatting to the various teams within Matrix, and feeling as though I was part of a Chambers. Since this was my second work experience placement and I had already been to the Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice a few times to sit in on some cases, I was already slightly familiar with the proceedings that take place before a case is delivered before the Judges in court. This meant that I already knew how fast-paced and informative my week was going to be, and as a consequence I could not wait.

 Before I arrived on Monday morning, I was already incredibly motivated to do my very best at each and every task given to me, and to use all the opportunities that I had, to enquire about different aspects of a career in Law. Lindsay Clarke, who works in HR greeted the other work experience student, Francesca, and I. We were introduced to different teams and were briefed about each team and what part they play in the esteemed Chambers. We completed various tasks throughout the week, all of which were very practical, but my favourite element of it was going to court. In my opinion, we were very lucky since we spent 3 days in the Royal Courts of Justice with Matrix’s barristers, and half a day in the Old Bailey, in two different courts. On our first day in court, we spent the day with Mark Summers QC, who was working on an extradition case. He is a specialist in extradition law, and it was very engaging seeing him articulate his arguments to deliver to the Judges.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we spent both days sitting in on a Civil law Case, with Karon Monaghan QC and Sarah Hannett; this was a fascinating case and what made it even more interesting was the fact that it had been in the media for months. Karon’s passion and expertise in this case intensified my drive to me a barrister, and the way that she delivered her arguments was truly motivational. Friday’s cases were, again, a fantastic experience. We browsed the Old Bailey’s website before choosing which cases to observe, and both of them were very intense and fulfilling. Having to leave Matrix at the end of an outstanding week was a shame, but it has fuelled my passion to be a top barrister, like Mark or Karon, and to work at a small but incredibly driven firm.

 I would like to thank everybody at Matrix for the most inspirational and unforgettable week of work experience, and would highly recommend anybody who wants to undertake a career in Law, to apply for a placement, since it has been invaluable to me.