‘My week at Matrix has inspired and encouraged me to pursue my interest in law.’

My week at Matrix has inspired and encouraged me to pursue my interest in law. I began the week with uncertainly about my interest in law, I was conflicted between applying for a law degree or psychology degree. However the advice I got from all the staff and the trainees has made me certain I would like to do a law degree to practise to become a solicitor or a barrister. By the end of the experience at Matrix I was fully confident that I would like to work in the legal profession and even some day work in place like Matrix. I had done work experience elsewhere before I came to Matrix, and I can honestly say I was not welcomed and treated with so much respect and support anywhere else. I felt every members in Matrix (even the people who we did not work with) were super friendly, many would look over their computer and give a smile which made me feel comfortable to be in their presence.

Bang on the first day we sent to visit the Supreme Court. Which shows they don’t leave you doing nothing, they are super organised and send you straight to the action and I was lucky enough to witness a range of cases. The next day we went to the Royal court of justice with David Wolfe, who despite acting for the defendant on the case, had the time to answer some of our questions and talk us through his role. On Wednesday and Friday we were sent to court again in the morning, then in the afternoon we met with the different members in the office, found out about their role and this left me well informed. From this I found out what a conditional fee agreement and legal aid cases are, I also found out how case reports and bundles are made.  I was also taken to the matrix library, Shams the legal support manger was helpful in explain how different books are used. We have also been given mock interviews in readiness to carry out real interviews in the future.

Getting work experience in Matrix was relatively easy, before applying to Matrix I did attempt other firms but was unsuccessful. Lindsay who was in charge on recruitment was really helpful, I really appreciate her time that I took. Lindsay emailed me the available dates for the work experience and emailed me when another applicants had cancelled to see if I was able to take their place. This demonstrates how committed members of Matrix are to community work. Lindsay was understanding and replied immediately to any queries or questions I had, which made my time at work even more welcoming. Lindsay’s time has enabled me to experience work in a formal but extremely friendly environment.

I am REALLY REALLY grateful to have taken part in work experience in Matrix, it was an amazing opportunity which has really enabled me to develop my understanding in law and in general skills such as confidence in talking to new people and skills for interviews.  I would finally like to say ‘THANK YOU’ particularly to our work experience ‘buddies’ who looked after us the whole week and big ‘ THANK YOU’ to every member in Matrix, for giving me the opportunity and for making my experience at Matrix so great.