Eleanor talks about her week at Matrix

My week at Matrix Chambers has left me feeling inspired and well informed. The thought of working at the heart of London excited me greatly as I felt that I would witness a glimmer of the high profile, fast pace lives of the highly achieved. Whilst this was exciting, it was a daunting prospect. Nevertheless, the possible intimidation I thought I may face could not have been further from the truth. The staff were so welcoming and ensured that I was always kept active and entertained, particularly Tristan and Lindsay, along with my office desk neighbours who insisted on offering me drinks and the odd sweet. This lovely environment was an accurate representation of the overall atmosphere of the week prevailing.

I was presented with a variety of interesting cases, being lucky enough to go to the Supreme Court for my first case, signifying the important and unmissable opportunities Matrix offers. This case interested me greatly, as it entailed a possible tax evasion of £5 billion. For the next three days I travelled to the High Court where I witnessed cases ranging from immigration to terrorism. Here I learnt a lot about the roles of Barristers and the essential skill of fluently presenting arguments in a confident way, which impressed me greatly. It was also really interesting to speak and engage with the Barristers who were very passionate and helpful in offering information about their work. However, my last day was the absolute epitome of the week, in which I had the honour of attending a murder trial at the Old Bailey, which kept me intrigued and fascinated throughout, hearing witness accounts along with police officer reports.

Not only has the itinerary been interesting, but I have made good friends with other work experience trainees, who have helped make my time extremely enjoyable. All of this has left me with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for my incredible time at Matrix, and a week I have been honoured to be a part of.