Month: July 2016

BrEXIT AND BreUK-up by Aidan O’Neill QC (Scot)

Looking back on the result of the Brexit vote, future historians may well conclude that the post-WW II United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was, like Belgium, held together by the European Union. Flanders and Wallonia dare not split into independent countries (despite decades of mutual antipathy and non-co-operation) because neither wishes to […]

Road to Rio: Regulation and Judicial Review in Sport

Over the coming months we will be discussing some of the key legal issues in sport, whilst looking ahead to the Rio Olympics and Paralympics this summer. This week, Phillippa Kaufmann QC and Sarah Hannett discuss regulation and judicial review in sport. If you have missed any of the articles in this series, you can […]

Brexit and Asset Recovery – Could Brexit Lead to Monpede?

During the referendum campaign there were a number of suggestions about what the UK’s role might be if it left the EU. One suggestion was that it might become an Offshore Financial Centre (OFC) for the remaining Member States. If the UK were to fall outside the various Directives and Regulations governing judicial co-operation in […]