Month: June 2016

Professor Christian Tams’ article ‘State Succession to Investment Treaties: Mapping the Issues’ published in the ICSID Review

In ‘State Succession to Investment Treaties: Mapping the Issues’, Professor Christian J. Tams of Matrix addresses one of the current ‘hot topics’ in investment arbitration. Following recent decisions in Sanum v Laos and World Wide Minerals v Kazakhstan, investment lawyers have begun to engage with the legal rules governing State succession to treaties. As State succession […]

Road to Rio: Corruption in Sport

Over the coming months we will be discussing some of the key legal issues in sport, whilst looking ahead to the Rio Olympics and Paralympics this summer. This week, Tim Owen QC discusses corruption in sport, considering a number of the investigations into corrupt activities.

Countdown to the Referendum: Immigration and Brexit

‘Countdown to the Referendum’ is a series of free downloadable articles by Matrix that will explore a number of legal topics surrounding the UK referendum on 23 June 2016. Over the coming weeks, our experts at Matrix will cover the legal enforceability of the recent EU settlement, election law issues and the referendum process, claims […]