Chimdi’s Work Experience

My time at Matrix has been so insightful, I have learnt so much! From completing various tasks from the different teams, to going to the Royal Courts of Justice to watch a case on abuse, it’s all been an amazing experience.

Working in the office is also so great as everyone is so friendly, as soon as I walked in I was greeted to everyone’s smiles it was actually quite overwhelming. Being a year 10 I expected to be treated as one but in fact it was the complete opposite, the tasks you are given are not only interesting but are actual tasks you would carry out if you worked at the firm. Moreover, the atmosphere of the office makes you feel so welcome and apart of the team – even though you are just a student.

What I found the most interesting is how quickly some teams have to work. For instance the Legal support team sometimes may receive requests from barristers to compile large amounts of research in a matter of hours; this I found so fascinating. The ability to condense information in only a few hours not only efficiently but effectively was just mind-blowing and in my opinion a really awesome skill to have.

One main thing I learnt is that a lot of legislation is connected to the European Convention on Human Rights which I found rather interesting. It was also intriguing to try and understand how people may have different views on the articles and why they may hold these opinions.

One thing that stood out to me was that when Lindsay Clarke was showing me around on my first day she introduced everyone and said what they looked after however what stood out to me is that at Matrix you don’t just look after your field of work but you look after each other and that’s what I loved. The caring environment is just amazing and made my work experience so enjoyable.

This experience has answered various questions I had regarding law and has made me more enthusiastic about perusing a law career.