Thereza talks about her week at Matrix

I greatly enjoyed my week at Matrix Law Chambers as it was incredibly insightful into the daily work of barristers and the team behind the scenes.  My favourite parts of the week were going to court since I had never been before. On Tuesday, we went to Westminster Magistrate’s court, on Wednesday, we went to the royal courts of justice , on Thursday we went to Old bailey courts and on Friday we went back to Westminster. These court visits greatly increased my knowledge of how the courts work and I got to learn about the barristers’ approach at presenting and arguing a case which was really helpful and exciting to watch . In addition, there was a range of different cases which helped me understand how different types of law worked.

Another really exciting part about work experience at Matrix Chambers was the fact that we got to talk to different barristers and ask them questions. For instance we went to court with Mark Summers QC and Sara Mansoori (both formidable members of the bar). We also got to talk to Angeline Welsh , Aidan Wills and Aaron Watkins . At first I was intimidated by them, but all the barristers we got to talk to were really nice and approachable and gave really great advice about getting into law and the job itself.

At the end of the week, we got to do a mock interview. All In all, I really enjoyed my time with Matrix Chambers because I felt like I got a better grasp at the law profession and all the people involved.