Perry describes her time at Matrix

Though my work experience was short and only consisted of two days due to exam season, I have thoroughly enjoyed the days I have attended at Matrix Chambers. As I want to follow a career in law this experience has been very insightful and has allowed me to not only see what a barrister’s job entails such as attending court and arguing their case, however I’ve also experienced what it’s like in the huge team that supports the barristers. Before my work experience I didn’t realise how barristers rely on the team in the office. I’ve learnt new job titles such as clerks and junior clerks and how the different divisions in the office looks after each of the barristers and their case. From spending two days at matrix I can definitely see the amount of team work and effort that goes into preparing and winning cases. I’ve also been able to witness the numerous different pathways that one can enter into in law whether it is helping in the office or defending in court. I’ve attended cases in the Supreme Court which has allowed me to get a first-hand account of what court procedures are like. This short time has encouraged me to now work towards achieving a career in law and to apply for more work experience like matrix so I can get the broadest understanding of a career in law.

Whilst attending work experience you will experience court and be provided a set of new transferrable skills that can be applied in further applications for work experience or careers. For example, on my first day of work experience I attended court most of the day and met Alison Macdonald one of the top international barristers at Matrix, and on my final day I participated in a mock interview from which I received helpful feedback in order to be successful in further interviews. I feel that the office work and environment has allowed me to experience what it is actually like in the world of law and I’ve learnt new terminologies and job roles that I wasn’t ever aware of. It has also been helpful to travel to London and get an experience of the busy city. The whole experience has opened my eyes and has given me a new perception and respect for the barristers and the friendly support team whom they could not do their job without.