“My work experience at Matrix was a great opportunity”

My work experience at Matrix was a great opportunity. The working environment is friendly and helpful, I have never met a work force like this before.  The team I worked with was the LSS team, they gave me great tasks to do and they were very nice and friendly. On Monday I went to SIAC which was very interesting experience because I got to see another side of law I haven’t seen before. On Tuesday I went to the Old Bailey to see criminal cases such as attempted murder and murder, which was interesting to see the defence and prosecution barristers arguing their points across. It was also a great experience seeing the barristers cross examine the witnesses and the defendant. On Wednesday we did office work which was very beneficial as I got to do a mock interview with Lindsay Clarke and Kristiane Siveyer after this they gave me very useful feedback on how to improve in the future and I now feel more confident with attending an interview in the future. I also got to speak to a trainee barrister Eleanor Mitchell, which gave me an insight on how to become a barrister which made me feel more knowledgeable about the profession I would like to go into.  One of the most memorable tasks I did was speak to Kevin Hooper about LGBTQ and other aspects of the Equality Act, it made me see that Matrix accepts all people from different backgrounds. This week has been a great experience and I now don’t want to leave as it was such an outstanding week.